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  • What is a wax melts?
    Wax Melts are in simple terms a wick less candle, made from wax which has been scented with a fragranced oil and melted in a Wax/Oil warmer. The warmer melts the wax which then releases a scent into your home.
  • What do I need to use a wax melt?
    You will need a Wax Warmer (Link on website), a 4-hour Unscented Tea light and of course one of our amazing Wax Melts
  • How long does a wax melt last?
    A wax melt can last up to 16 hours, which would be the length of 4 tea lights, when you first use your wax melts it will be the strongest the more you use it the weaker the scent will get once you can no longer smell your wax melts it’s time to change
  • How do I remove the harden wax in my burner?
    The easiest and most eco-friendly way to remove your wax is to put your burner in the freezer for no more than 5 mins and then once you remove your burner from the freezer you can push your harden wax out.
  • What do you with a dead wax melt?
    Our Wax Melts are bio – degradable, which means can you can dispose of with your other bio degradable waste.
  • Are you wax melts toxic?
    In simple terms NO, you will see a warning label on all of our products, this is to let you know the ingredients that are in our fragrance oils, some of our customers may have allergies to some of the ingredients so we let you know what is in them before you buy. But all of our wax melts are non-toxic, vegan, and handmade.
  • What is the white smoke I see when using my wax melt?
    The white smoke you are seeing is the Fragrance Oil burning off the Wax Melts this is completely safe and completely natural.
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